Our Dumb Youth

December 30, 2010

“If you’re alright with abortion and gay marriage, you’re a Republican.”
A sentence that I heard from a 20-something woman who was telling me about a conversation she had with her Baby Daddy’s grandmother.
Grandma was asking her whether she was a Republican or a Democrat.
She told her she didn’t know and, according to her, that’s how Grandma responded.

Obviously what I was told was a bit off.
The fact that the young woman didn’t notice she had the word “republican” where the word “democrat” belongs is interesting to me.
It’s something I could never confuse.

What Grandma said isn’t correct either.
Registered Republicans who are pro-choice do exist, just as there are Democrats who disagree with the idea of gay marriage.
It was a conversation I wished I had participated in, though.
My answer would have been something to the extent of:
“I am a registered Independent with conservative political beliefs. I feel the Republican party does not properly represent myself and my views.”

Although I was at first shocked that this young lady didn’t know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat, I later realized I shouldn’t be.
Yesterday I went to Steven Crowder’s YouTube page and watched his newer videos, as I haven’t been there in a few months.
After words I decided to dig through his archives and find something a bit older.
One that really got me thinking about the young lady and what she said to me was this:

Those young adults are so…  stupid!
However, those are the young adults who go out and vote.
The young adults who will one day be running our country.
They know nothing about our country, though!

Being aware that today’s youth is so poorly educated on such topics makes me think that homeschooling my future children might be the best option!
It also makes me think, “Ya know, going back to college isn’t really a necessity…”


One Response to “Our Dumb Youth”

  1. Anton Says:

    Homeschooling, eh? Way to make the youth of the future even dumber than the youth of the today.

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