Smart Girl Politics

December 8, 2010

Before finding Jill Stanek over a year ago, I had never had a “favorite” blogger or a blog I followed.
Through a cyber introduction, I met Cassy (then Fiano) Chesser’s blog and became a huge fan of her work as well, although the details about when, how, and why I found it through Jill are blurry.
Together they gave me reason to start my blog, a place where I could speak my mind about various political and news issues.
Since I started, my small following has given me little to no feedback… something I would love to receive more of.
For all I know, my mom is the only one who thinks I am half decent at this writing business.
With the lack of feedback, I was really starting to think she was just biased!


Thanks entirely to Cassy Chesser’s blog, I have found Smart Girl Politics.
A website I was completely unaware existed a few weeks ago has become a place I visit often.
I love the blog, so many great pieces to read.
When I realized that not only does Cassy belong to this website, but Jill does as well, I knew my thoughts had been confirmed… this really is a website I want to be a part of.

Something I have noticed already, after three simple posts on the SGP blog, is their blog receives a lot more readers than my little blog!
Each of the three posts have received attention and at least one comment.

This brings me to the entire point of this post: I would like to thank Jill Stanek, Cassy Chesser, and Smart Girl Politics.
Jill for introducing me to Cassy, Cassy for introducing me to SGP, and SGP for helping my opinions be heard by a larger group of people than ever before.


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