Another Holiday Season is Upon Us

December 8, 2010

It’s that time of the year… the “Holiday Season”.
Over the last couple weeks I have wanted to write about Christmas and the politically correct bug that has taken our nation by storm.
Incapable of coming up with something worth posting, I have put the publishing on hold while writing multiple rough drafts.
However, today I was given new material to use thanks to a certain semi driver.

I work for a roofing company in a small town.
Most our materials are sent to us from larger cities via semi trucks.
I know almost every driver who delivers to us as I see them on a regular basis.
One grouchy old driver from Spokane, WA is always fun to talk to.
This morning he delivered a few pallets of shingles to us.
I was the only person in the office and after I signed the delivery slips to confirm he had delivered everything, while he was walking out the door, he said, “Have a merry Christmas.”

He caught me by surprise.
I’m sure I wont see him until after Christmas, but it seemed too early to hear someone speak such words.
It was the first time I had heard someone say that this year, and possibly one of the few times I will hear it.

He made me think.
“Merry Christmas” isn’t something I hear often…
Even the Salvation Army bell-ringer I donated change to a few days ago wished me a happy holiday at my departure.

I know, I know… what about the people who celebrate Hanukkah? What about those who celebrate Kwanzaa?
Wouldn’t they be offended by being wished a merry Christmas?
But, what about me?
If I lived in a predominantly Jewish country, say Israel, I would in no way be offended by someone wishing me a happy Hanukkah.

During a survey of 35,000 adult Americans, The Pew Forum found that 78.4% of people are Christians of some kind.
Only 4.7% fell into the “Other Religion” category.
16.1% claimed to be unaffiliated with any religion.

When nearly 80% of a country’s population is Christian, I think it’s safe to wish people a merry Christmas.
So, why do I rarely hear people say it?
Why do “holiday cards” say “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays”?
What happened to Christmas cards that read “Merry Christmas”?
Don’t worry, I’m not crazy.
I know those cards do exist, but they seem to be less and less common every year.

In all honesty, I think if people cared a little less about hurting someones feelings and offending them and if those who are normally offended quit acting so sensitive, life would be more enjoyable.
Please, wish me a merry Christmas once in a while instead of playing it safe with “happy holidays”.


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