You Know The Guy

December 1, 2010

I’ve recently become bothered by something…
Well, not recently per say; it was just brought to my attention yesterday.
There are certain people I cannot stand.
The ones who like to voice their feelings with no background information on the topic.
I know that everyone knows at least one person like this.

Example #1: When someone says they hate President Obama, but when asked why they beat around the bush and give generic answers.

Example #2: When someone says they are worried that a new governor will ruin the state they live in, but when asked why they give you a “he-said-she-said” spiel.

Example #3:  When someone tells you it’s wrong not to attend church, but when asked why they list off some imaginary verse from the Bible that they assume you wont know is completely incorrect.

I am tired of this.
If you decide you need to have an opinion on something, make it an informed opinion.
Make sure that when I question it, you don’t sound like a complete moron while trying to defend it.
Facts are simple, indisputable things.
Opinions vary from person to person and are completely debatable.
To those of you out there who feel the need to randomly pull your opinion out of your ass and back it with nothing but more opinions: learn facts before forming opinions.
This saves you the embarrassment and me the annoyance.
It makes everyone’s life a little easier.


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