There Are Three Kinds of People In This World

November 12, 2010

I’ve spent a lot of time lately observing people and realizing just how different one persons opinion can be from another persons.
I’ve come to believe that every person falls into one of three different categories.

TYPE A : He knows what his views are, he knows what he believes. When confronted, he will stand up for these beliefs. In his mind, his opinion is the “right” one, whether he is a liberal, a conservative, or somewhere between. He may believe other opinions are fine for other people, but his is the one that is correct for him.
People can’t sway his opinion, people can’t change it. He is happy with his beliefs and happy with who he is, even if John Doe next door completely disagrees with him.

TYPE B: Type B has an opinion, and he is more than willing to voice it. However, when John Doe disagrees with him, suddenly his opinion changes. No longer is he completely against homosexuality. Today, as long as they keep it in the bedroom, it’s okay… because the neighbor told him he was wrong to believe otherwise.
Not only can people sway Type B’s opinions, so can situations. He practices “Situational Politics”. He may think socialized medicine is a bad thing… until the day he losses his job and no longer has health insurance.
There is no “Black and White” for B… he lives in a world of Gray.

TYPE C: Now this guy is a completely different character. He doesn’t have an opinion. Maybe he has self-esteem issues and thinks his opinion doesn’t matter. Maybe he just doesn’t care enough about his government to form an opinion. Whatever the reason, he avoids political topics altogether. Instead of standing up for himself or changing his opinion when John Doe argues with him, he runs the other way.

I think that, for most Type A’s, there is a road they must travel before reaching their destination.
Through The Land of The C, and over I’m a B Guy Mountain.
I believe most Type A people have been through each stage before finally reaching their current place.
Whether the B and C people just haven’t reached A level yet or they choose to stay where they are likely varies from person to person.

So, which type are you?


One Response to “There Are Three Kinds of People In This World”

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