The Results Are In

November 4, 2010

November 2nd, 2010 has come and gone.
Americans cast their vote, chose who would represent them and what laws would pass.
The results were unsurprising; everyone expected this.
We all heard talk from both the left and the right concerning the tea partiers and how they will be voicing their opinions this election.
The left claimed that members of the tea party don’t represent the majority of Americans.
Right leaning individuals such as myself called the left crazy; especially after seeing the election results.
Twenty-three states turned red on every governor election map this week.
Eleven of those states turned a bright shade of blue last election.
The race for the senate had very similar results.
Those darn tea partiers!
They brain washed the people of these once democratic states! Right?

The “Tea Party” isn’t filled with crazies.
The tea party represents every American citizen who is not okay with the government taking more and more of their money and spending it on… what?
Bailouts? School? The environment? Socialized healthcare?
How has this helped us?
We have a few companies that shouldn’t have succeeded and, had they not been touched by the Obama administration, would have suffered the same fate as any other private business under the same circumstances.
The kids still have terrible test scores.
Who cares what is happening to the environment when the economy is so crappy?
A lot of us don’t even have jobs… but make sure we save the fish in the Gulf of Mexico.
And let’s not get started on the socialized healthcare. That’s an entirely new post.

This week we watched an interesting race.
In Florida, Marco Rubio, a Republican of hispanic decent, dominated Charlie Crist, an Independent, by 1,026,441 votes in the race for the Senate
Even Crist beat the candidate the Democrats sent in, Kendrick Meek, by 512,793 votes.
Never before would I have guessed that another party would come into play during these elections.
I remember, when I was a child, the map was always red and blue.
When a state votes Independent, what color are we going to be adding?

We saw Johnson take control of Wisconsin, by a small percentage, and Hoeven easily took the race for Senator in North Dakota.
I checked the map at around 9:30 Election Night and saw just how beautiful it looked.
So many red states!

I think this is a sign of what is to come.
Will we be saying goodbye to our lovely President in two years?
I think we will, unless he cleans up his act.
With over 70% of Americans unsatisfied with the route we are going, we may see even more states turn red in 2012.

As for my state, Oregon, it was such a close race for Governor.
I thought Dudley would take it.
But no, he lost by 1%.

I am excited to see what the election of 2012 will bring.


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