It’s Time For Change

November 2, 2010

It’s Election Day 2010.
This is a big day… not just for me, but for every American.
They may not realize it now, but what happens today will have an effect on the country they live in.

We have all been told that our vote counts.
Just one vote can change everything!
And today, that’s just what we want… change.
In July 2010, 76% of Americans were dissatisfied with the direction our country is headed…
I am certainly one of those Americans!
Such a high percentage of people wanting change… change that President Obama promised 2 years ago… and Americans are still unhappy?
This is what our president promised, but it obviously isn’t what the American people wanted..

Recently, I was house hunting.
Not to buy a home, but instead to rent.
It seemed like time and time again, when I found a house or apartment for rent, it was already taken when I called.
I eventually got lucky and found an apartment for rent and called just a couple of hours after the “For Rent” sign was placed on the fence.
I was one of five people who had called on it over that short period and, lucky for me, the owner took a liking to me.

Whose fault is this? Who is to blame?
Why was it so difficult to find a rental, and so easy to find homes for sale?!
Why are people selling their homes left and right?
Was it Bush’s fault? Is it Obama’s fault?
Everyone has their own opinion.
Everyone thinks they know what caused this problem.
Everyone thinks they know how to fix it.
Everyone in America has their own opinion, and today is the day for some real change.
Citizens of America: If you haven’t voted yet, get out there and do it before it’s too late.
Don’t let my opinion mean more than yours today.


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