I Know I Sent That To You

May 25, 2010

I don’t know how many times in the last two years I have had a customer call and ask when they can expect to see mail from the company I work for.
Mail I had already sent out…
“That’s strange, I sent that to you Monday. Normally, mail sent to an address in town is received the next day… I will certainly resend it, though!”
I know the routine too well.
It doesn’t happen daily, weekly, or even monthly, but it does happen more often than it should.
Usually, it’s a mistake in the mailing address.
People in a lot of small towns in my area have a post office box and there isn’t a mail carrier.
Although I make a habit out of following with, “Is that your mailing address, as well?” once someone tells me their physical address, not everyone in the office remembers to verify.

I read a story on MSNBC this morning that made me think, “That’s where my mail goes!”

Thousands of pieces of undelivered mail and ads from the early 1990s have been found in a shed in Michigan, and a former postal worker is now charged with stealing mail. Authorities said Monday that 66-year-old Earl Hicks was charged after his sister found the mail while cleaning a shed behind his former home in eastern Michigan. Hicks recently moved to Florida.

Officials found 544 pieces of first-class mail and nearly 3,000 ads.

Hicks told investigators that he was overwhelmed with his route and thought he would lose his job if he brought mail back to the Post Office.
Hicks may now face 5 years in prison for this crime he committed, years ago.
Although he was a mail carrier in Oak Park and Detroit, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
Where does my missing mail go?
I just assume that it has been delivered to the wrong place when I ask myself that question, but who knows.
Maybe there’s an Earl Hicks in my area, too!


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