Not Your Average Conservative?

May 17, 2010

You can tell simply by reading Jill Stanek’s blog that most who are pro-choice assume that all pro-life people are white and Christian.
The comments on her blog make it obvious:

I think it’s disgusting when people sit here and type away not know what the circumstances are. You white Christians sitting in your houses pointing fingers and judging others, when you yourself have no idea what they must be going through. – Yvonne, May 15th 2010

Most people don’t help much, either:

Thank God Tom did have his Pro-Life ears working!! – Pati Adams, May 14th, 2010

Thanks Tom, may the good Lord bless you, Judy, her baby, and their family. – Tom Gatwood, May 14th, 2010

Honestly, I’m not one to frown upon religion. I think the Bible teaches great morals and values.
I was raised in a home that preached Judeo Christian values, without the religion.
Things weren’t “wrong” or “bad” because a God said so, things were “wrong” and “bad” because of the way they affected other people.
I remember hearing, “You know the difference between right and wrong, we shouldn’t be having this conversation right now,” during lectures after my parents caught me doing something wrong.
Murder is wrong… who am I to take someone’s life?
Theft is wrong… those items are not mine, I have not earned them.
Lying is wrong… if I am incapable of telling a truthful story, then I am obviously hiding something.
Cheating is wrong… be it in a game or in a relationship, if you are incapable of staying faithful, then you shouldn’t be participating to begin with.
All these “wrong” things are wrong because they hurt others.
Not because God tells us we will go to Hell if we do these things.

Although I was raised that God isn’t real, I will be the first one to stand up and defend a believer, just as I will an Atheist being crucified for his lack of belief in God.
Didn’t you know, it’s wrong to attack someone’s religious beliefs?
I will likely never have to defend an Atheist, though.
His argument is simple, and usually involves the “God is imaginary” routine.

I, personally, have very Conservative beliefs.
I am very closed-minded.
I am not, however, a Christian.
I always find it interesting to hear what people say or read what people write about pro-life, anti-homosexuality, closed-minded, conservative belief holding people being white Christians who have never been through anything that might be considered “tough”.
It’s an assumption so many “open-minded”, left leaning people make.

I will agree, it seems like the vast majority of those people really are “Crazy Christians”, and they will set a non-believer up with more than enough ammo to thoroughly shoot down every opinion they have, as their opinions are backed by a God they have never seen.
That doesn’t mean every single conservative minded person is that way.
Once in a while, it would be great to step into a forum or blog without it being assumed that I am a Christian hatemonger right off the bat.


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