Who’s To Blame?

February 25, 2010

After flipping through the channels on TV, I got to thinking…

I landed on, go figure, Comedy Central.
The show “Tosh.0” was on.
For those of you who don’t know, Tosh.0 is a show hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh.
He shows clips from TV or the internet and makes fun of them, occasionally making his own videos and showing them as well.
The video they were showing was of a funeral, where a casket was dropped while being lowered into a grave.
The video is called “Funeral Gone Wrong” at youtube.com.

I can’t find much on this video.
There doesn’t seem to be a webpage in existence that says where or when this took place.
The video is all over the internet, though!

I can’t help but wonder why people find this amusing?
Why do people think it’s funny?
When I watched it, I thought it was horrible.
I felt so sorry for everyone there, especially the woman screaming.
There is not one person I would ever wish such a thing on!

I did start thinking about it, though.
Why is this, among many other things that I find to be terrible and wrong, funny?
Why do people watch 98% of the programing on Comedy Central?
Occasionally they have an amusing comedian on their network, but not often.
When I watch Comedy Central, I usually just become angry.
The last time I tried to sit through an entire episode of “The Colbert Report”, I ended up yelling at the TV!
Sure, he was making jokes about President Obama, and I certainly love a good joke about that man, but it was so idiotic.
It wasn’t a funny joke, but everyone in the room with me laughed at it.
My only hope is those people didn’t take what was said seriously and think it was real ‘news’.
About halfway through the show, I remember asking myself which was worse: thirty minutes of the Colbert Report or thirty minutes of CNN?
I was starting to think I’d rather watch CNN.
At least their attacks are backed by information or an opinion that almost makes sense and sounds intelligent.

I didn’t start this post with the intent of creating a “Comedy Central” bashing post, although doing so was pretty easy.
This post is meant to be a “WTF is wrong with people?” sort of post.
It’s not just Comedy Central…
Almost all of Hollywood is left leaning.
You never really hear about people with conservative ideas, opinions, or lifestyles anymore.
Country singers who create patriotic songs aren’t nearly as popular as the rappers who make songs about violence and drugs.

You can’t say “God” on cable television, but “damn” or “bitch” is okay.
It seems like the only words we are not allowed to say are the ones referring to someones race, sexuality, God and the “f-bomb”.
Oh, and let’s not forget that the word “retard” will be on that list soon.
Thank you, Sarah Palin, for making sure the world stays politically correct instead of raising your “handicapped” child.

There are so many things we can’t say or do because the mass majority of people thinks it’s wrong to say or do such things.
It’s wrong to spank your 5-year-old child, but okay to abort your unborn child.
It’s wrong to say God, but okay for an atheist to slam and bash Christians.
It’s wrong for a white person to use any negative word when referring to people of a different race, but it’s okay when people of a different race use a negative word when referring to a white person.
It’s wrong to dislike President Obama, but it’s okay to dislike former President Bush.

I think the left-leaning, extremely liberal Hollywood is responsible for so much of this.
By desensitizing the public with music, t.v. shows, movies, and video games, we have become a country that lacks the same morals and values it once had.
But, there are people responsible for creating this…
Behind the label “media” or “Hollywood” are real people like you and me who want to place this information into the hands of todays youth.
Then there’s the parents who allow their children to come into contact with this disgusting material, so creates another generation of people more liberal than the last.
Another generation who finds Comedy Central amusing.
Another generation who has been so desensitized that they see nothing wrong with homosexuality, with abortion, with illegal immigrants, with a socialized healthcare system.

Let’s not forget about the school systems, either.
The liberal teachers and professors who do as they are told by their employer, the government: teach the children that our socialist agenda is right.
Yet again, there are parents who are also responsible…


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